Unleash Your Inner Wild: Fragrance Review


I can definitely say that I’m a perfume addict. I have so many bottles of perfume lined up next to my bottles of nail polish, that you almost have to hold your breathe whenever you step into my room. I’m very particular about my perfume: what ingredients it contains, how strong the scent is, how long the scent lasts, etc. so usually when I purchase perfume, its within a certain network. I have been searching for a new perfume for the summer, so when Wild Spirit sent me their latest collection, I was stoked!

About The Company

Prior to receiving the fragrances, I had never heard of Wild Spirit and I can truly say that I have been missing out.

One thing that I’m really cautious about are ingredients. I have sensitive skin and a mixture of the wrong chemicals can easily cause irritation and/or a rash on my skin.

The great thing about this company is the fact that their products are vegan, cruelty free, paraben, sulfate and dye free!

Wild Spirit: Rosy Glow

Rosy Glow has to be my spirit captured in a perfume bottle. The first thing that I really loved about the perfume was the box that it came in, and the fact that this brand is diverse and it’s not just the same cookie cutter model on each of their boxes. Each perfume kind of has its own personality, and that’s one thing that really stood out for the brand.

Rosy Glow contains combination notes of peach, bergamont and lychee rose with pink pepper. Normally, I shy away from bergamont because I find it to be too strong but in this fragrance, I could barely notice it (in a good way.) They blended their scents perfectly and it reminds me of fresh flowers on a spring day that you can actually inhale because they don’t give you allergies.

The second great thing about this product is the fact that the scent actually lasts. When purchasing perfumes I often find that the scents do not last long, especially with most high-end brand perfumes, and I find myself either re-applying it about four to five hours into the day or walking around with a mini bottle to make sure I remain refreshed. I wore this scent to the beach and after splashing around in sand and saltwater, I took a whiff of my wrist and the scent was still there. I was surprisingly pleased.

Photo: Náosha Gregg

Can’t Be Contained

All in all, I can say with true honesty that this perfume brand is one to go wild for. Not only are the products reliable and stylish, but they are affordable and make the perfect gift for that friend who is allergic or sensitive to almost everything; I guarentee that Wild Spirit will have a fragrance they will love.

With the upcoming autumn season coming up, I would certainly recommend the Wild Spirit: Driftwood fragrance. While I am personally not a fan of the more floral fragrances (Jasmine, Cedarwood, etc.) the Driftwood fragrance has a nice mandarin and lemon undertone, which provides an excellent balance of femininity and musk to this perfume.

Photo: Náosha Gregg

You can shop Wild Spirit at your local Walmart store, or on their website. Be sure to visit their Instagram and other social media pages for more!

What’s your favorite Wild Spirit fragrance?

Feature Photo: Náosha Gregg

*This post was sponsored by Wild Spirit fragrances.

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