Her Conference: Empower featuring Olympic Gold Medalist Michelle Carter


While New York started off the week glum and rainy, Her Campus’ Her Conference: Empower was just the event the five boroughs needed to get the sun shining again. Every year, Her Campus hosts the annual Her Conference: An event filled with empowering and inspiring keynote speakers, fashionable trends and the latest in beauty. With the sun peaking at 78 degrees, nestled behind the tall sky scrapers decorating downtown Brooklyn, high heels scraped the sidewalks of New York City as girl bosses gathered together to network and empower each other.

The day was filled with career panels from successful women in media, including self-made producer Luci Fink, CNBC’s Nia Warfield, actress Cara Santana and more. While the media mavens gave the audience a glimpse into their everyday life, they also addressed the burning questions and worries that lay heavy on every college student’s shoulders’.

“Your work will speak for itself.”

When pursuing a career in media, it is no secret that the field is competitive. Always looking over your shoulder at the candidate that has mastered Adobe Audition, or the writer who has thousands of clips on a prestigious, well-known magazine, it’s easy for a student to become doubtful and anxious. However, at this year’s Her Conference, one particular speaker gave a speech so inspiring and strengthening that it killed all thoughts of doubt and sent out positive vibes felt across Brooklyn.

Photo: Náosha Gregg

“There are three things that we listen to: what we tell ourselves, what we believe about ourselves, and how we treat ourselves.”

When Olympic gold medalist Michelle Carter stepped on the stage, she reminded the audience that we’re all human, and that life will certainly not always go as planned, (and that’s the fun part about it). Carter revealed to the audience of young and eager college students, that the path to success is certainly not always what we have planned out in our heads.

Carter discussed in an in-depth and touching anecdote how at her peak, it seemed as if she had to put all her dreams on hold for a while, while she battled some major medical ordeals.

Carter recalls being diagnosed with a bulging disc in her back. | Video: Náosha Gregg

Carter continued her story to success, explaining how though her trials and tribulations weighed on her, it helped shape and change her life for the better.

“You are exactly where you’re supposed to be.”

As the day continued, the energy rose and you could feel the success beaming throughout the room. Headshots provided by Bumble allowed for a refreshing touch to LinkedIn’s and Twitter pages, chicken wraps and salads served as a healthy reminder to be always absorb good and natural vibes (even food vibes!), and free beauty touch ups by Mary Kay and previews of XOXO‘s newest collection created the perfect formula that reminded every lady: “Never look at competition, don’t look for stability and be the best version of who you are.”

Michelle Carter addressing the audience at the 2019 Her Conference: Empower event in New York City. | Video: Náosha Gregg

What are a few things that empower you?

Feature Photo: Náosha Gregg

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