New York Fashion Week: Easy, Breezy, Beautiful; Aubret

Puerto Rico native Elier Aubret took us to the serene beaches of relaxation and refreshment during this year’s New York Fashion Week. Tones of blush, nude and sexy sheer stripped the bitter chill of Jack Frost nipping at native New Yorker noses.

Whilst Aubret has been in the fashion industry for more than 17 years. Aubret is no stranger to brilliant and bold colors, with last year’s collection providing relaxing and daring vibes. This year’s toned down and suttle collection contained just the right amount of beauty and simplicity for the desired collection. The inspiration derives from the gentle but powerful force of femininity.

The Mind Behind The Magic

“My inspiration is the powerful feminine woman, who feels comfortable in her own skin,” Aubret explained. “Sexy and delicate. The layerings of sexy lace, transparencies, and soft fabrics is a very noticeable element in the base inspiration of this collection.”

The models strutted the runway in lavish gowns with just enough fluidity and sexiness to leave the audience wanting more. Embezzled crystals added the perfect feminine and classic touch that every gown requires.

Photo: Fashion Gallery NYFW

Chic & Unique

“Inspiration comes from different places and the creative process can come in different ways,” Aubret continued. “Sometimes the fabric and how I will work with my material can influence my creativity. Designing comes to me with the base of the inspiration. Creating a sketch, doing a pattern or just draping on the body form is part of it. Sewing as the Collection evolves gives me more chances to make changes or stick with what my heart says.”

This year’s collection, entitled ‘Rush’ aligns perfectly with Aubret’s unparalleled personality. While fashion is Aubret’s first passion, the designer cannot go a day without listening to music and dancing.

“Fans might not know that I dance in my atelier every day!” the designer revealed. “Music is an important part of my day and I need music in my life every day. Taking a few minutes to just let go and dance to a favorite tune gives my day an energy boost!”

Aubret’s fearless and bold style lead him to become the go-to favorite Puerto-Rican designer for Latin America.

“At the end creating something beautiful from a simple idea in my mind is what makes the process successful.”

Be sure to check out more of Aubret here.

Feature Photo: Magacin

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