Beauty Haul: My Amazing Finds At Marshalls

Hi lovelies! Recently I have been posting a lot of products on my Instagram and I would like to reveal the secret to the amazing finds. One word: Marshalls. There is a Marshalls location in walking distance to my home, so I find myself there quite often. Marshalls is known for its “surprising finds” but I don’t think everyone knows how surprising and amazing they actually are. Here are some of my amazing beauty finds from Marshalls. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to stay up to date!

Lucky Brand

Honestly, I was never quite a fan of Lucky Brand. I heard of it but didn’t really care to do the research. I was in Marshalls one day and they had a Lucky Brand Eau De Perfume for $4. My shopping senses immediately tingled and I dropped it right in my cart. I could smell the aroma from the box, and it was a bit musky but feminine at the same time. I continued to shop in the beauty section and low and behold I found the body lotion for just $8! I know Lucky Brand is prestigious and high-end, so I was excited to try it. It was one of the best investments made. The name of the scent is ‘Lucky You’ and captures the scents of spring perfectly.


Photo: Náosha Gregg

Too Faced Cosmetics

Too Faced Cosmetics is one of my favorite makeup brands, so imagine how excited I was to see it at Marshalls. I saw a lot of Instagram posts with the Too Faced White Chocolate Palette from T.J. Maxx and Marshalls so I made it my business to find it. To my luck, I was able to find the White Chocolate palette for only $13! Into my cart it went and then something else caught my eye – they also had the Melted Chocolate lipstick for $6, almost half of the palette. The colors are perfect for everyday nude and basic colors, and they also have shimmer so it’s not too dull – not to mention it actually smells like chocolate. I went home a happy shopper that day.


Photo: Náosha Gregg

NYX Cosmetics

A personal favorite of mine, NYX Cosmetics was also floating around in Marshalls. Around last December I purchased one of their famous Lip Lingerie lipsticks and instantly fell in love. So when I saw the exclusive three pack with a new shade, I had to snatch it up. The best part about this purchase: it was only $5. The colors that were in my package were Embellishment, Corset and Black Book. They are more in the pink/nude/flesh toned family, and are perfect for everyday wear.


Photo: Náosha Gregg

Well that concludes our miniature shopping trip. Be sure to check out your local Marshalls for your next surprising find!

What’s your favorite makeup brand? Comment below!

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