Welcome to Knowing Náosha. 

My name is Náosha Gregg and I am a journalist from Brooklyn, NY. I produce stories that highlight problematic and controversial issues within communities of color and my goal is to change the narrative of African-American women in the media and to tell the stories of those without a voice, through creative methods and abstract angles of reporting and storytelling. My methods include but are not limited to print, audio and visual.

I started this blog to highlight people of color. Growing up I found that I could not relate to television shows that were supposedly centered around women of color; VH1’s ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ and ‘Basketball Wives’ were not, and are still not, accurate representations of black women. While my site features various aspects including original reporting, projects and creative outlets, I also use it to showcase the positive side of men and women of color, or all people of color, that the media doesn’t show.

All of my views and opinions are original and (I would like to say) valuable, and I hope that whoever reads it, finds some type of inspiration, peace or satisfaction. Whether it be for themselves or for me, this is my showcasing of myself to the world and giving other creatives of color the chance to do the same.

For questions, comments, pitches, and collaborations, please fill out the form in the Contact section or send an email to: KnowingNaosha@gmail.com.